Book Title Author(s)

Beyond Blame - A New Way of Resolving Conflicts In Relationships (1996)

"...the theme of this book is choosing to move beyond blame - toward others and yourself - and instead concentrate on what you can do to alter the situation."

Kottler, Jeffrey

Beyond Reason - Using Emotions As You Negotiate (2005)

"You negotiate every day, whether about where to go for dinner, how much to pay for a secondhand bicycle, or when to terminate an employee.  These may be positive emotions like joy or contentment, or negative emotions like anger, frustration, and guilt. When you negotiate with others, how should you deal with these emotions - both theirs and yours?"

Fisher, Roger and Shapiro, Daniel

BIFF - Quick Responses To High-Conflict People, Their Personal Attacks, Hostile Email and Social Media Meltdowns (2014)

"BIFF can be applied in any communication anywhere - online, social media, in a letter or even in person. BIFF was designed to protect you and your reputation by responding quickly and civilly to people who treat you rudely, while being reasonable in return."

Eddy, Bill

Bringing Peace Into The Room - How The Personal Qualities Of The Mediator Impact The Process Of Conflict Resolution (2003)

"Bringing Peace Into The Room offers no hard and fast rules, guidelines, or advice to be applied to all mediators as to what personal qualities are best suited for all cases.  Rather the book shows that developing an authentic approach to mediation requires constant grounding in self-reflection and self-awareness."

Bowling, Daniel and Hoffman, David

Bully In The Ivory Tower (2012)

"Bullying was once thought of as that childhood rite of passage, something endured on the playground. However, bullying, which is pervasive, escalating hostility, and berating and mistreatment on the job can make any organization a toxic workplace environment."

Hollis, Leah P.

Care Packages For The Workplace (1996)

"Is your organization experiencing downsizing, re-engineering, overwhelming changes in technology and job descriptions, debilitating stress, lack of trust, low employee morale,and a "dog eat dog" atmosphere?  If so, then you need this book!"

Glanz, Barbara A.

Challenging Conflict - Mediation Through Understanding

"Understanding-based mediation offers people in conflict a way to work together to make decisions that resolve their dispute.  This non-traditional approach to conflict is based on a simple premise: The people ultimately in the best position to determine the wisest solution to a dispute are those who created and are living the problem."

Friedman, Gary and Himmelstein, Jack

Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct (2003)

   “P.M. Forni offers twenty-five rules for connecting effectively with others – at home, at work, in our daily encounters.  In clear, witty, and thoughtful sections, Forni covers topics that include: Think Twice Before Asking Favors, Don’t Shift Responsibility and Blame; Accept and Give Praise.”

Forni, P.M.

Collaborating - Finding Common Ground For Multiparty Problems

"This book focuses on collaboration as a method for solving interorganizational problems."

Gray, Barbara

Communicating For Managerial Effectiveness

The purpose of this book "is to enable managers to view clearly their communication abilities, dilemmas, and challenges."

Glampitt, Phillip G.


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