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Conflict Mediation Across Cultures (1992)

"In this book, the interpersonal and the intra- and intergroup conflicts will be the primary concerns, particularly when...comparing conflict patterns within and between various cultures."

Augsburger, David W.

Judgment In Managerial Decision Making (1998)

"Decision making plays a crucial role in managerial life. But too often, our decisions are clouded by personal biases and uncertainty.  This brief book shows readers how to identify their own biases in order to make better decisions."

Bazerman, Max

Games People Play - The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis (2004)

"We play games all the time - sexual games, marital games, power games with our bosses, and competitive games with our friends.  Dr. Berne exposes the secret ploys and unconscious maneuvers that rule our intimate lives."


Berne, Eric

People Skills - How To Assert Yourself, Listen To Others, And Resolve Conflicts (1979)

"People Skills is filled with workable ideas that you can use to improve your communication in meaningful ways, every day."

Bolton, Robert

Bringing Peace Into The Room - How The Personal Qualities Of The Mediator Impact The Process Of Conflict Resolution (2003)

"Bringing Peace Into The Room offers no hard and fast rules, guidelines, or advice to be applied to all mediators as to what personal qualities are best suited for all cases.  Rather the book shows that developing an authentic approach to mediation requires constant grounding in self-reflection and self-awareness."

Bowling, Daniel and Hoffman, David

Coping With Difficult People (1981)

"If your life is free from hostile customers and coworkers, indecisive vacillating bosses, overagreeable (but do nothing) subordinates or any of those others who deserve to be called Difficult People, read no further. Consider yourself extraordinarily lucky and move on to pleasanter fare. If, however, these constant headaches have intruded, read on, for the purpose of this book is to show you how to identify, understand, and cope with the Difficult People who come into your life."

Bramson, Robert M.

What Your Boss Doesn't Tell You Until It's Too Late: How to Correct Behavior That is Holding You Back (1996)

Bramson, Robert

Team Up For Success - Building Teams In The Workplace (1997)

"If you are new to the team concept or part of a team that doesn't always function as well as it could, or if you want to be a more effective team member or want to learn about being a team leader, this book is for you.  It addresses all these interrelated topics and provides lots of practical examples of what you can do for yourself and your team."

Cadwell, Charles M.

Conflict In Intimate Relationships

"As much as intimates might like to avoid conflict, they are more likely than are acquaintances to engage in frequent and intense disagreements."  Readers are provided with an overview of conflict in intimate relationships.

Cahn, Dudley D.

The Cheating Culture - Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong To Get Ahead (2004)

"Free cable television.  Imaginary tax deductions.  Downloaded movies and music on your home computer.  Do you take your chance to cheat?  Analyzing the very latest scandals, The Cheating Culture takes us on a gripping tour of cheating in America and makes a powerful case for why it matters."

Callahan, David


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