Book Title Author(s)

Making Conflict Work (2014)

"This is a book about conflict, power, and change.  It chronicles the challenges and opportunities we face when we find ourselves in conflict with those in authority -- bosses, executives, regulators, police officers, professors, and parents, to name a few -- and with those we have authority over."

Coleman, Peter T. and Ferguson, Robert

Managing Workplace Conflict (1998)

"Because conflict is so common, each of us needs to develop the skills necessary to manage conflict productively.  The good news is that when properly managed, conflict provides a chance for us to learn from each other, to improve our work methods, and to build team solidarity. Managing Workplace Conflict will help you handle conflict confidently so you get positive results."

Lebedun, Jean

Maximizing The Value Of 360-Degree Feedback (1998)

"360-degree feedback can fit with and help create an organizational environment that supports continuous, self-directed development.  Our goal is to show how 360-degree feedback works and to build an understanding of the ways organizations and individuals can get the most from the process."

Tornow, Walter W., London, Manuel and CCL Associates

Mediation In The Workplace (2001)

"Workplace mediation, in particular, can be an effective way to resolve work-related and interpersonal conflicts on the job in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner."


Weinstein, Rebecca Jane

Mentoring - How To Develop Successful Mentor Behaviors (2002)

"Mentoring is now seen as a process of two people working together for mutual gain and enrichment based on their shared experience.  Mentoring is your guide to building this rewarding relationship, whether it is a voluntary and informal arrangement, or part of a formal program."


Shea, Gordon F.

Mobbing - Emotional Abuse In The American Workplace (2005)

"This book raises awareness of the mobbing syndrome as a serious workplace issue dealing with emotional mistreatment of employees, most often leading to voluntary or involuntary resignation or dismissal."

Davenport, Noa

Shwartz, Ruth Distler

Elliott, Gail Pursell


Negotiating At An Uneven Table - A Practical Approach To Working With Difference And Diversity (1994)

This "is a book about negotiating conflicts in situations where some participants are at a disadvantage that others do not acknowledge."

Kritek, Phyllis Beck

Paradoxes Of Group Life - Understanding Conflict, Paralysis, And Movement In Group Dynamics (1987)

This book offers "a revolutionary approach to understanding groups and overcoming the problems that often paralyze group members, the group a a whole, and relations among groups."

Smith, Kenwyn K. and Berg, David N.

People Skills - How To Assert Yourself, Listen To Others, And Resolve Conflicts (1979)

"People Skills is filled with workable ideas that you can use to improve your communication in meaningful ways, every day."

Bolton, Robert

Perfect Phrases for Conflict Resolution: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Encouraging a More Productive and Efficient Work Environment (2011)

“Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.  When you have the right words and phrases at your command, you can quickly resolve any disagreement – and prevent it from spreading into an uncontrollable fire.”


Polsky, Lawrence


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