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Perfect Phrases for Office Professionals: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Getting Respect, Recognition, and Results in Today's Workplace (2011)

“As an office professional, you are the point person for critical day-to-day activities.  That means effective communication with your manager and internal and external stakeholders is key to the success of your office and organization.”

Runion, Mary

Principle-Centered Leadership (1991)

"Ineffective people try to manage their time around priorities, says Stephen R. Covey, whereas effective people lead their lives and manage their relationships according to principles - natural laws and governing values that are universally valid. Leadership is the ability to apply these principles to problems, resulting in quality, productivity, profitability, and win-win relationships."

Covey, Stephen R.

Real College - The Essential Guide To Student Life (2004)

"We follow four fictional students during their freshman year of college, and offer advice on how they can deal with the challenges they face.  These students seem to have more problems than most, and their instincts for dealing with them aren't always stellar.  This book isn't for the perfect, blemish-free students you see on TV or find sitting under trees in admissions brochures.  It's for real students."


Stone, Douglas and Tippett, Elizabeth

Real Happiness At Work - Meditations For Accomplishment, Achievement, And Peace (2014)

"Bring the profound benefits of meditation into the workplace and discover how to improve all the positives of working life, such as accomplishment, creativity, the challenge and joy of engaging in a communal effort - and mitigate the negatives, such as stress, exhaustion, or the feeling of being overwhelmed and underappreciated."

Salzberg, Sharon

Resolving Conflicts at Work: A Complete Guide for Everyone on the Job (2000)

Cloke, Kenneth; Goldsmith, Joan

Resolving Identity-Based Conflict In Nations, Organizations, And Communities (1997)

"Conflict can either destroy or create - depending on whether and how it is guided.  This is the simple yet profound insight that underlies Jay Rothman's innovative new framework for understanding and transforming identity-based conflict."

Rothman, Jay

Rules For Reaching Consensus - A Modern Approach To Decision Making (1994)

"Consensus is a state of mutual agreement among members of a group where all legitimate concerns of individuals have been addressed to the satisfaction of the group.  Rules for Reaching Consensus is designed as a how-to book with a specific step-by-step process for reaching consensus in group meetings or teams."

Saint, Steven and Lawson, James R.

Scripts People Live - Transactional Analysis Of Life Scripts (1974)

"Script analysis can be called a decision theory rather than a disease theory of emotional disturbance.  Script theory is based on the belief that people make conscious life plans in childhood or early adolescence which influence and amke predictable the rest of their lives.  Persons whose lives are based on such decisions are said to have scripts. In Scripts People Live, Steiner expands upon this belief to show that people are innately healthy but develop a pattern, or 'life script,' early in life based on the negative or positive influences of those around them."

Steiner, Claude

Smart Questions - Learn To Ask The Right Questions For Powerful Results (2004)

"Smart Questions will completely retrain you to become a more intelligent thinker, a better creator of solutions, and, in all likelihood, a more productive person."

Nadler, Gerald and Chandon, William J.

Staying Safe in an Unsafe World, A Guide for College Women (2013)

“…a common sense approach for young people to the threats of today’s world.  This guide offers essential education on possible dangers.  It then offers practical strategies and solutions that can help individuals avoid trouble.”

Parke, Robert L.


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