Ombuds Office Authority

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Ombuds Officers have the authority to contact senior officers and all other members of the University community, to gather information in the course of looking into an issue, to mediate/facilitate disputes, to bring concerns to the attention of thse in authority, and informally to attempt to expedite and resolve administrative processes.

The Ombuds Officers do not provide services that substitute for any procedures covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and do not look into any  allegations or complaints of inadequate representation of employees by their designated union representatives.

However, Ombuds Officers have a responsibility–while protecting the confidentiality of individuals–to provide upward feedback to the administration about trends and make recommendations for constructive change in areas in need of improvement.

All members of the University community have the right to consult with the Ombuds Officers. Retaliation for exercising that right will not be tolerated.