Columbia University is a complex institution. There are policies and procedures applicable University-wide and there are policies unique to each school within the University, as well as within each department, center and institute.

The Ombuds Office can assist its visitors to understand the various policies and how they interact. We can educate visitors as to the existence of policies previously unknown - as well as help to interpret the policy language.

In addition, Columbia University provides varied resources to assist its community members manage all manner of academic, work, and life issues. We've gathered a small list of available resources on these pages of Columbia resources as well as resources existing outside of Columbia which may be of assistance.

Finally, on these pages you will find titles in our lending library, with links to the Columbia collection at Butler Library where applicable. Search our titles for books that may be helpful in your pursuit of answers to your workplace concerns, assist in finding the right phrase for a difficult conversation, or guidance in how to manage a difficult supervisor, manager or co-worker.

Medical Center
154 Haven Avenue.
Room 412
Tel: (212) 304-7026

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
61 Route 9W
Tel: (212) 854-1234

Morningside Heights
660 Schermerhorn Extension, Mail Code 5558
1200 Amsterdam Avenue.
Tel: (212) 854-1234

Manhattanville Campus
615 West 131st.
Tel: (212) 854-1234