Please call or email the office to schedule a confidential meeting. Our meetings can be in person or on the phone - you decide.  All meetings are scheduled for an hour or an hour and a half - you decide.

At the outset of the meeting the Ombuds Officer will give a brief overview of our office principles.  Then it's up to you.  You can talk about your issue, problem or concern; inquire about policies or procedures; review actions taken and brainstorm next steps; get referrals to other University resources or outside sources of assistance.

A consultation is the perfect opportunity to vent frustrations or think about issues and problems and possible solutions. At the end of the scheduled appointment you decide what - if anything - happens next.

Medical Center
154 Haven Avenue.
Room 412
Tel: (212) 304-7026

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
61 Route 9W
Tel: (212) 854-1234

Morningside Heights
660 Schermerhorn Extension, Mail Code 5558
1200 Amsterdam Avenue.
Tel: (212) 854-1234

Manhattanville Campus
615 West 131st.
Tel: (212) 854-1234